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School-based sport can be an important part of your child’s overall educational experience. When students participate in sport, they can benefit not only physically, but also socially and mentally! Read on to find out what opportunities await your child. About the Benefits School sport offers many benefits for students, including: Physical benefits, such as increased activity levels and skill development. Social benefits, as they develop new social groups and make new friends. Improved academics; students that are involved in school sport perform better academically. Greater sense of belonging; when kids participate, they feel more connected to other children and their school.

Shaeed Bhagat Singh Volleyball Tournamnet

2nd Runner Up in IDEA State Level Volleyball Tournament.

Winners of Inter school Cricket Tournamet with International Public School

GMT cricket cup 1st Runner Up.

Ludhiana Sahodya School Hockey Consolation Prize.

G.S memorial athleticmeet & Tournament

Softball Tournament In shifaly School.

Winners of Interschool Cricket Match.

Ludhiana Sahodya Hockey Consolation Prize.

Ludhiana Shodya Volleyball 2nd Runner Up 2014

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