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Welcome To Shifaly International School

Shifaly School Education Managing committee was founded in 1985 with the clear vision that the needs of the modern scholars and the fresh impetus which can best be provided by a more mature community specializing exclusively in their own age range. To this end, everything we do at Shifaly is specifically geared to the academic, personal and cultural needs of community. We believe strongly that students need the care and attention that we provide in our well-supervised, closely-knit boarding community. Shifaly International School is structured and safe, but less formal and institutional than the traditional public schools. It is important to us that we provide a “complete” education. We encourage students to respond to challenge, to think for themselves, and to find the right balance between work and play. A rich variety of stimulating experiences helps to provide a realistic preparation for life beyond school. Major sports are encouraged on a voluntary basis and there is a full range of different activities organized for every weekday afternoon.


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Sports Fest -2015

NASA Seminar


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